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This video converter is therefore not unique but an ecosystem integrated into the video upload process.

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In a few seconds you will have access to the best tool for downloading above-average quality, high-end videos in 4K. All in 1 click. This video converter has the privilege to help you in your daily life.

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Very satisfied with the Video Maniac Converter which was used to download all the videos for me and my school.
Martha Unger
The Video Maniac Converter is the number 1 solution I recommend for unlimited video downloads and all for free.
Mike Choo
UI Designer
I found this converter to MP4 and MP3 really affordable, simple and so useful that I download about 10 videos a day with this tool.
Joachim Philippe

Video Maniac Converter

Best YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4

With millions of videos on YouTube, the site has become one of the most used sites in the world. YouTube is used every day to watch videos, now it is possible to find it, to watch them again, whenever you want with, the best YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4 you can find on the Internet, easy to use, ultra fast and with its own search engine. In just a few clicks you get the YouTube video file .

YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4 versions

The next time you use YouTube, you can download the video to the format you want, so you can keep the file and watch or hear it whenever you want without an Internet connection. Some people will want to download music, others will want to receive files from a YouTube to MP3 Downloader. It’s possible and it’s done in just a few seconds.

You have access to all the videos on YouTube, the video downloader is unlimited, to suit your needs.

Unlike other video downloader, has its own search engine. So you can easily find the video, sound or video file you want to download.

Finally, to simplify its use, is compatible with different browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firevfox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

An easy to use site to download videos

Forgotten everything you thought you knew about YouTube video downloader, everything is easier, everything is faster with You don’t need to register to use the video conversion site. No need to give us multiple information, everything is done to simplify your user experience. In fact the only thing you will have to do, will be to copy and paste the link of the video in the downloader bar, wait no more than 5 seconds and you will be able to use the video in MP3 or MP4 format.

The advantage of a YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4 is that it allows you to use, as you go along, the files you have downloaded. So you no longer need an internet connection to view or listen to your favorite video. On your smartphone, computer, or tablet, you use the YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4 and store videos for easy viewing.

We’re not presenting YouTube anymore. This video hosting website is the most powerful and the most visited in the world. You’ve probably already watched, commented or shared a video on YouTube! But you’re wondering if it’s possible to download a YouTube video and convert it to MP3 format? This article explains how to do so and whether it’s legal.

Why download a YouTube video to MP3?

The MP3 format, also known technically as MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer III, is an audio compression algorithm. The MP3 format compresses most of the data in the original file while producing a particularly clear sound. That’s why it is so popular!

As it happens, tools that allow you to extract audio tracks from videos coming from video platforms such as YouTube or Dailymotion are more and more numerous on the Net. What is the reason for this? Well, thanks to such tools, any video clip can be turned into a high-quality MP3 file! Proof of this boom, when you type YouTube followed by a space in a search engine like Google, the latter suggests “YouTube mp3”. With such resources, you can download and convert your favorite video clips, podcasts and shows to MP3 with just one click!

An exception to private copying?

The tools themselves are completely legal, as is any software that can record a program, web page or file for download.

Just as TV channels or music radio stations do, video portals such as YouTube and Dailymotion offer free-access high-definition video clips, whose audio quality is very close to that of an audio CD.

According to the law, “the private copying exception authorizes an individual to reproduce a work of the mind for private use”. Thus, just as it is tolerated to record a TV or radio program, nothing prevents a user from recording a video clip, even if it means keeping only the audio track and on the condition, of course, that the copy is only used in a strictly family or personal context.

Thus, a legal void currently exists on the use of software, plug-ins or online services for downloading video into mp3. Do these fall under Hadopi or under the private copy exception? There is a lot of discussion on this subject and a few press articles deal with this new practice without making a decision:

Software to download YouTube video to MP3

Below is a list of three programs that can convert a YouTube video to MP3. Their principle is often the same: just copy and paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert to MP3 and start the download. Once the download is complete, the software will output the file as an MP3 :

  • Video Maniac is a YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4 for all platform (just need a wifi and Google 😉
  • YouTube to MP3 converter is a converter for Windows ;
  • TubeMate is an application for Android;

Which tool to download an online Youtube video?

If you don’t want to download software that will take care of downloading your favorite YouTube videos to MP3 tracks, you can simply use an online conversion service. There are very powerful open source utilities like Video Maniac for example!

The YouTube downloader Video Maniac 

Video Maniac is a free YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4. Anyone can use it! This completely free site allows you to download the audio tracks of videos hosted on YouTube in the following formats: MP3, M4A, AAC and much more! It even offers the possibility for the user to download the source video in addition to the MP3 audio track.

This online service does not require the creation of an account on the site. Simply copy the YouTube URL of the audio track to be downloaded and paste it at this address:

Then simply press “Download” to start the download, compression and conversion. It’s almost magical! In the meantime, don’t forget to select the desired quality and format and click “Download”.

Download YouTube to MP3

The is the easiest online service to download videos from youtube to mp3. You don’t need an account, the only thing you need is a YouTube URL or a music title.

This downloading site is interesting. It can be found at Among its main advantages is the possibility to choose the download format, such as AVI for Windows, MOV for Mac, MP3 for players of the same format, MP4 for iPod and PSP and FLV, which is the original format without conversion.

Free YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4

The free software we recommend, in English and very interesting (it must be said that it converts more than 300 formats of which the main ones are : AVI, MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, 3GP, FLV, Fraps, AVCHD, MOV, SWF, DV, RM, QT, TS, MTS, etc) is Video Maniac.

There are still many sites on the Internet that offer downloader. The best thing to do is to compare them.

Video to MP4 and music to MP3

Very simple with the Video Maniac site

Free YouTube to MP3 Downloader is a complete utility, free and translated into English. It will satisfy a large audience wishing to convert Youtube videos to MP3 and other audio formats. Ideal to carry your YouTube playlists everywhere. To be tested and recommended!

Simply download online Youtube videos

This YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4 is a free utility that allows you to extract the soundtrack of a video hosted on Youtube into MP3 format or video on MP4. This tool allows you to download and extract a soundtrack from a simple URL.

How to proceed to convert YouTube videos?

First of all, you just have to copy/paste the web address then select the output format of the file with a choice of FLAC, MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG or M4A extensions. Through the options menu, it is possible to define the destination folder for the audio files and select a prefix and suffix for the name of the downloaded files.

This Free YouTube to MP3 and MP4 Downloader also allows you to download multiple files simultaneously through the queue. Among other functions, it is possible to keep the original YouTube files after conversion and save thumbnails of videos.

Its :

YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4 benefits from a neat and rather easy to use interface in English. We will appreciate some advanced options related in particular to the management of a proxy and the automatic download of files thanks to a simple copy/paste.

Online YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4

Simple, fast and free tool to convert youtube videos online.

YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4

Discover the best 100% free online youtube downloader among our selection of websites. You will be able to download quickly, for free and unlimited Youtube videos in avi, mp4, mp3, wmv, dvd, mkv, flash flv, swf, 3gp formats…

You will be able to watch or listen to the files without internet connection on your pc, mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod, mobile phone or Android touch tablet, PSP game console, Xbox, Samsung, Nokia… The best YouTube video downloader are 100% free, easy to use and without registration! Without downloading any software or web plugin, use the simplest service online or via a YT MP3 plugin to be installed on the internet browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer…) to directly download the audio/video file without going through a website.

Millions of users in thé world and around the world want to download videos hosted on Youtube. This website is a selection of the most popular online services to use for converting Youtube videos. 100% free, no registration required, the sites offer a quality service in more than 300 video formats MKV, WMV, MOV, 3GP, AVI, MP4, flash FLV, FRAPS, AVCHD, MOV, QT, TS, MTS, SWF, DV, RM… and audio formats MP3, M4A, AAC, WMA, OGG, WAV, FALC, ALAC…

How to download a Youtube video on MP4 or MP3?

It’s simple and very fast! Select to which format you want to download a video, then click on the best YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4 available. Search on the youtube site, the video you want to download or the youtube playlist and then retrieve it by copying and pasting the url address. Wait a few seconds to be able to recover the file without loss of audio and video quality. Some sites offer options such as the selection of an extract in a video, ideal for video editing, codec settings, multiple conversion via several url addresses, playlists or youtube channel… The service works for free and unlimited.

The conversion happens without registration and without downloading any software. Go through the multiple YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4 to download an entire playlist quickly with the yt video downloader online.

The website to download all YouTube videos

Do you want to download videos found on youtube so that you can retrieve them on your computer, phone or tablet and watch them offline at will? Or build up a perfect playlist by extracting the sound of certain yt mp3 videos? Then follow the guide and use a youtube mp3 converter to download all your favorite music by getting youtube mp3!

To download a youtube video, a music, or create a gif, nothing could be easier: go to the site. The interest of this youtube downloader is to be able to extract sounds and videos in many different formats according to your needs: youtube mp3, wac, flac for music, or mkv, avi and mov for videos. You just have to choose the format of your choice, and enter in the bar the link of the yt video from which you want to extract. Then click on “Convert and download”. A new window will then open, from which you can start the process of converting your yt mp3 or video. All you have to do is download the resulting file once the conversion is complete, the speed of the operation depending on the speed of your Internet connection. You will then be able to make all the gifs that your imagination will inspire you!

Fast YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4

But this youtube mp3 downloader goes further, since it also offers you the possibility to add the plugin directly on your Google Chrome or Mozzila Firefox browser. This way, whenever you feel like it, you can directly use the youtube downloader when you come across videos on any web page. You can also choose to directly download the yt converter software available for both PC and Mac support to get youtube mp3s. Via this multimedia plugin, you will have in addition to the possibility to download youtube video, the fact of being able to watch movies in streaming or to watch live TV like the TF1 channel for example ains that many other French TV channels. This free YT Mp3 plugin is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Thus, using the YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4 is simple, it does not require any registration to the site on your part, will always remain free, and above all, allows you to download as many yt mp3s as you want without any restriction! The files thus obtained thanks to the free YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4 can then be transferred to your tablet, your phone or any other digital support allowing you to listen to and/or view audio/video files. Create your youtube mp3 playlist with ease, or even your own video library!

Each TouTuber uses a data downloader. A YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4 site modifies the data in the original computer file to ensure the best possible use of the YouTube video in mp3, mp4, mkv and other formats.

What are the advantages of a YouTube downloader?

How do I upload YouTube videos to mp3, or how do I start from an mp3 file and upload it to YouTube? A site that can download to mp3 format should have four advantages. The ideal for the user is to find a free service, usable without registration, fast and unlimited.

Data downloads are made possible thanks to this YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4. The strength of this free downloader is to allow everyone to broadcast content with moving images and quality sound. The use of music or lyrics is easier if it is a computer MP3 audio file. The converter will change the computer file format to make it compatible with the platform and make it visible to everyone. If the use of video is more and more frequent, it is essential to offer good social media tools that allow you to download your own images and sounds free of charge for easy distribution. You have understood it well, this site allows you to convert a file to mp3 format.

How to use the YouTube upload?

This conversion site ensures the user an easy use in a few clicks. The fast conversion is done thanks to servers powerful enough to allow everyone to use this mp3 downloader or rather audio converter, because the majority of sound formats are accepted on this file conversion platform.

Converting files is getting faster and faster thanks to the fiber that accelerates the speed of data transmission. Mp3 files are heavy. When you click to download a file, the video downloader resizes your formats to optimize them on YouTube. You don’t need to be a sound or image specialist to do the video conversion. The site is didactic enough so that every Internet user can integrate his video on youtube.

You can also download YouTube and convert interesting files to mp3. The aim of our site is to offer different formats for a totally free and simple use. Everyone chooses the output format. In case of difficulty, you will find tips on how to download his YouTube music.

The YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4 is handy to download and convert a movie or video sequence. It is the best way to upload a YouTube video or download music. Both are possible. The result of the conversion is a download link that always offers you the best quality.

YouTube converter

Youtube to mp4

Youtube to 3gp

Youtube to mkv

Youtube to avi

Youtube to flv

Youtube to swf

Youtube to wmv

Youtube to mov

Youtube to webm

Youtube to mp3

Youtube to wav

Youtube to flac

Youtube to ogg

Youtube to aac

Youtube to wma

Youtube to gif

How to download a YouTube video To MP3 and MP4?

Simple, fast, unlimited and without registration, use the online conversion service of YouTube videos in mp3, avi, flash flv, mp4, gif format… Tool on the internet without downloading any software to quickly and freely download a YouTube video and download it to your pc to watch it afterwards without internet connection on your pc or mac, mobile phone, iphone/ipad, Android smartphone, touch tablet…

The proposed conversion tool is intended for personal and non-commercial use. The site is not responsible for the services or content displayed on external sites, software, applications and plugins whether they are presented here as direct links or advertising.

How to Download Any YouTube Video to MP3 for FREE. 

Like to watch music videos on YouTube?

Then how about being able to download the music for free?

Well, you should know that it’s possible and, what’s more, it’s free! It works with any YouTube video. You’ll be able to build up a great music library with the millions of clips available on YouTube.

Follow the guide to find out how to do it: How to :

1. Open the YouTube video you want to download into MP3.

For example, the clip of Davido with the song Aye:

2. Copy the URL of the page by right-clicking on it and then clicking copy:

3. Now open this site that is YouTube video Downloader To MP3 and MP4: Don’t worry, there is no virus 🙂

4. Paste the URL in the field provided and click on the download Video button:

5. Then click on the Download button:

6. Go to your Downloads folder on your PC or Mac and double-click on the file you just downloaded.

The MP3 will open with your default music player, such as iTunes here : There you go, you’ve downloaded the YouTube video as an MP3 🙂

You can listen to the song as many times as you want without having to go to YouTube and without an Internet connection. Of course, you can then transfer the music to your iPhone or Android as usual. Now it’s your turn…

Have you tried this trick to download YouTube videos to MP3 for free? Let us know if it worked for you by giving us feedback. We can’t wait to hear from you! Do you like this trick? Share it with your friends on Facebook.

Save responsible! How to Download Any YouTube Video to MP3 for FREE.