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How to download Chaturbate videos?

Chaturbate is the reference site for video porn X streaming. If you use Chaturbate to watch your best porn X video with the world, you probably know that the site has an option to automatically archive broadcasts. This option is very interesting but Chaturbate doesn’t keep your archives forever. Indeed, depending on your status on the site, your videos will be kept from 14 days.

So, how can you keep them forever? The best way to do so is to download your videos to your computer. This way, you will be free to do whatever you want with them!

Download your Chaturbate videos

So here’s how to get started in a few simple steps!

Step 1: Find your Chaturbate videos.

Step 2: Tap on share button 

How do you download Chaturbate videos?

Alternatively, if you are on your Chaturbate videos, find any URL at the bottom of the page, click on it to open the menu and click on share.

Step 4: You will then arrive on the Chaturbate videos. Here you will see all your archived videos (or at least the ones still available).

Find the video you want to download, and click the More button to bring up the menu. In this menu, select the Download option.

How do I download Chaturbate videos?

Step 5: Paste the link on Video Maniac, this Chaturbate videos downloader will prepare your download and when it’s ready, a window will open asking you to choose a location to save your video in Mp4 format. Please note that the preparation of the download will take more or less time depending on the duration of your streaming.

That’s it, you can now download all the Chaturbate videos.

Download Chaturbate videos

Videos broadcast on sites such as Dailymotion, Livestream, Twitch and many others are difficult to read and therefore record in VLC. To record porn X videos broadcasted on these sites, you will use the Chaturbate videos downloader Video Maniac instead. This website is available on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, and more…

Let’s see how to use the Chaturbate Video Downloader.

Click Open menu, then click Modules :

The about:addons page appears. With the Extensions tab selected, type download Chaturbate videos in the Search All Modules text box and press Enter on your keyboard. Then click Install, in front of the Video download Chaturbate on website Video Maniac module, to install the module:

Display the video that you want to record, click on the Chaturbate Video downloader icon and choose one of the proposed resolutions by clicking on the corresponding Download icon :

Download Chaturbate videos easily with a small website program

If you are a Chaturbate platform enthusiast and want a small tool to download live streams from streamers, you’ve come to the right place. Yes yes! I’ve found what you need…

A developer has put online on Video Maniac, a very easy to access website that allows you to record any video available on the Chaturbate website. A really well done tool that you’re bound to be interested in and that you can download at this address ->

How does it work?

Once the website is open, all you have to do is launch a search to find the video you want to record on your computer. You can search with the ID, the name or the url of the streamer channel.

When you have found what you are looking for, you just have to click on the URL and enter in the Chaturbate Video downloader 

Note that you have several options to download the video. You can choose the quality or choose to take only one sequence. This saves you from overloading your PC or mobile with videos that are much too heavy…

Register without going to a site

The advantage of Chaturbate Video downloader is that it’s online. For that reason alone, it deserves a place on your hard drive…

If you have any problem with this website and you can’t use it properly, please let me know. I might be able to help you…

If like me you like to go on the Chaturbate Video network in order to watch the various shows and other matches between lesbian or fuck anal live, but for various reasons you miss the beginning of this one, we have the solution and it’s called Chaturbate Video downloader Video Maniac!

This utility will allow you to download the Chaturbate Video to your pc or mobile so you can watch them in disconnected mode!

Very easy to use, just drag and drop the URL of the Chaturbate Video and set the time range during which you want to record your program.

Download Chaturbate Video online

Download live broadcasts, VOD, and videos on Chaturbate 

 Do you like porn X videos and spending time watching other Chaturbate videos? If so then you probably know the Chaturbate live platform. Chaturbate offers many live channels about famous porn stars..

However, a Chaturbate video is automatically removed from the site two weeks or 2 months after it is broadcast. But you may want to download an incredible Chaturbate live broadcast or VOD to keep a copy offline so you can review it at any time. Today we will provide you with a detailed tutorial on downloading Chaturbate videos. No matter what you want to download from Chaturbate – a broadcast, VODs or videos – you can find what you need in this article.

  1. Downloading live broadcasts on Chaturbate
  2. Download videos (VOD) on Chaturbate 
  3. Download online videos on Chaturbate 
  4. Download live broadcasts on Chaturbate 

Upload your best Chaturbate Video

Chaturbate doesn’t allows users to download the feeds they have broadcast. But if you are using a normal user account, then the video you broadcast will be deleted from the platform’s server after two weeks. Therefore, follow the steps below to save your Chaturbate feeds before they are deleted.

Step 1: Make sure you are connected to the Internet before you log in to your Chaturbate account.

Step 2: Click on the drop-down menu below your profile and select the “Dashboard” button.

Step 3: Go to “Channel” under “SETTINGS” and then enable the “Store Previous Broadcasts” option.

Upload your own Chaturbate broadcast

Step 4: Now go back to the main menu of Chaturbate Video and go to “Video Studio”. There you will find all your videos.

Step 5: Click the “Download” button next to the broadcast you want to save from Video Maniac servers.

Downloading other people’s Chaturbate broadcasts

If you want to record Chaturbate videos of other porn live on your computer so you can watch them when you are offline.

Video Maniac supports the recording of system sounds, which ensures that the original audio of the Chaturbate broadcast can be saved in high quality. At the same time, you can also schedule tasks to automatically record Chaturbate Video broadcasts that last for hours, without having to wait in front of your computer until the video recording is finished.

Once you’ve recorded the broadcast, you can also cut the Chaturbate video to remove any parts you don’t want.

Step 1: Download Chaturbate Video and launch the software on your computer. Click on the “Video Recorder” function and choose “Custom Area” for video recording.

Step 2: Click the “Preferences” button in the upper right corner and disable the mouse cursor display in the settings. You probably don’t want to see your mouse cursor in the recording of your favorite Chaturbate Video broadcasts. Disable the “Show mouse cursor” or “Record mouse clicks” option.

Recording your favorite Chaturbate broadcasts

Step 3: Select the video format and quality in which you want to save the Chaturbate streaming videos.

Tip: The higher the quality you choose, the larger the video size will be. A live broadcast on Chaturbate Video can last several hours or even more than a dozen hours. So be careful if you choose to record Chaturbate video at a high quality level, as you may end up with a very large video.

Recording Chaturbate streaming videos

Step 4: Open the video you want to record on Chaturbate Video. Set up the recording area and make sure the system sound is turned on. Turn off microphone sound recording. Click the “REC” button and recording will begin.

Tip: You can also click “Advanced Modes” and choose the “Set and Save Window” option, which allows the software to record only the contents of the Twitch window while ignoring the activities of other applications on your computer screen.

Save only the contents of the Chaturbate Video window.

Step 5: While recording, you can customize the recording time on the panel, allowing Video Maniac to automatically end the recording at the end of the live broadcast. This way you won’t have to wait in front of your computer for hours waiting for the broadcast to end.

Step 6: When this is done, you can click “Record” to record the Chaturbate Video Broadcast on your computer.

  1. Download videos (VOD) on Chaturbate 

Download videos with Video Maniac

Video Maniac 11is a software specially designed to download videos on Chaturbate. This tool is ideal if you want to download videos on demand (VOD) from Chaturbate. You can download a Chaturbate video by copying and pasting the link of the video. Follow this guide to learn how to download Chaturbate videos with Video Maniac.

Step 1: Open Chaturbate Video and select the video you want to download. Copy the video link in the address bar.

Step 2: Open Video Maniac (if you haven’t downloaded the application to your computer yet, download it first). Click the “Downloads” button, then open the “Urls” tab (the second tab).

Step 3: Paste the link from the video you just copied into the search bar, then click the “Search” button at the bottom.

Step 4: After the video loads (it may take a while), the interface will display the Chaturbate video corresponding to the link you pasted.

Step 5: Click the “Download” button in the lower right corner of the video thumbnail, then select the video quality, file save location, etc. You can choose the start time and end time of the part of the video you want to download.

Step 6: Click the “Download” button at the top of the main menu.

The amount of time it takes to download a Chaturbate video will depend on the length of the video and the speed of your Internet connection. However, if the video you wish to download takes several hours, then you will need to be patient. If you only want to record some of the most impressive moments of a Chaturbate video and upload them to other porn site, then Video Maniac may be a better choice to let you record a small clip of a Chaturbate video.

Upload videos with Video Maniac

Record Chaturbate videos by deleting player-overlays

If you prefer to download videos from Chaturbate without using a third-party application, then here is an alternative solution that will allow you to save videos to Chaturbate by the Video Maniac website..

Step 1: Remove the player-overlay from Chaturbate video

If you use an ad blocker on your browser, then you can go to “Settings”, open the ad blocker settings, plus click “Advanced”, and find “My Filter List”. 

Tip: If you don’t have an ad blocker, then you can remove the player-overlays this way: Open a Chaturbate video that you want to save, right-click on it and select “Inspect”. Find the player-overlay on the right side and delete it.

Step 2: Save the Chaturbate video

After removing the player-overlay, right-click on the Chaturbate video you wish to download and you will see the option “Save video as…”. »

However, some users found that the option to save the video did not appear after following step 1. In this case, you can use screen recording software or a Chaturbate video download.

  1. Downloading online videos from Chaturbate 

If you only want to download videos on Chaturbate, then you can also use the Video Maniac downloader. By visiting the Video Maniac website, you will not have to download any additional software to your computer.

  1. Open Chaturbate video and select the clips you want, then copy their links.
  1. Go to the Video Maniac video downloader website.
  1. Paste the links of the videos you just copied into the search bar.
  1. Click the “Download” button and the videos will automatically be saved to your default download location.

These are the 4 ways to download live broadcasts, VOD, and videos on Chaturbate. You can choose the method that suits your own needs. I hope this article has helped you and now it will be more convenient for you to watch videos when you are offline and share the best moments in your video game games with your friends.

How to download Chaturbate videos?

If you like to go to Chaturbate to follow your favorite porn or shows, here is an application that will allow you to download Chaturbate video so you can watch them afterwards in a totally disconnected way.

Open source, this Windows tool called Video Maniac will allow you to search by channel name, ID or URL, and if you subscribe to pay channels and log in with your Chaturbate account, you’ll also be able to retrieve shows that are only available by subscription.

Downloads can be multiple and if, like most of the time, the broadcasts are long enough, you can specify a time range to recover.

Chaturbate: how to download videos to the platform

Chaturbate m has become in a few years the reference for streaming in the porn community. Like Pornhub, Chaturbate videos is not as easy as browsing and watching them. But it’s far from being out of reach. In this article, we show you how to do it without difficulty.

Chaturbate is the must-have platform for fans of streaming porn X videos. A field in which it excels better than Pornhub. The latter may have a live or porn section, but they do not enjoy the same popularity as other hosted videos. But if there’s one thing Chaturbate video shares with Google’s platform, it’s the restrictions imposed on downloads.

How to download videos on Chaturbate 

The platform keeps the videos broadcast for 14 or 60 days depending on whether the author is a simple user. The videos are then automatically deleted. But the delay of a few days allows broadcasters to download a copy of their Chaturbate video if they wish to keep it. For viewers, it’s a different story.

Broadcasters who wish to upload a video to Chaturbate must first activate the archiving of their broadcasts. By default, this is not the case:

Log in to your Chaturbate account.  Click the arrow next to your profile and select “Dashboard”.

In the left menu, click on “String” in the Settings section.

Enable the option “Store previous broadcasts”.

On all stored videos, a download link allows you to retrieve a local copy of the video.

For spectators

There is no default option that allows viewers to download a Chaturbate video. To do so, you must rely on a third party solution. Video Maniac has become the natural choice for thousands of streamers. It is a small Open Source application that can be downloaded from Video Maniac by following this link.

Install and open the application

 At the top, press the search button and select “New Search”.

Go to the URL tab and paste the URL of the Chaturbate video there

Click on Search and wait for the application to search for it.

When the video appears, click on “Download”.

It’s as simple as that. Like Ponrhub and Xnxx, there are also websites where you can download Chaturbate videos directly online. But with the restrictions imposed by the platform, these solutions don’t always work.